The health risks of electronic cigarettes are always controversial. Indisputable , however, is that unlike the traditional cigarette no combustion takes place . Toxic substances such as carbon monoxide , arsenic or cyanide , which may result from the combustion of tobacco is not inhaled so . Also, a study published in October 2012 did not see any significant risks to human health. In the measured by-products , the authors of the study could only detect very small loads compared to a tobacco cigarette. The propanediol, which is the main component of the liquids is deemed to be safe when taken orally . During a study , however, showed side effects during inhalation : in the subjects came to the eyes and throat irritation . The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment warns of risks. For the investigation of shisha tobaccos introduced this different tests on animals and discovered that inhalation of glycerol and propanediol to changes in the cell epithelium of the larynx and cause irritation of the nasal mucosa to nose bleeds may cause .

In addition, the liquid is often mixed with flavourings which, although approved as a food supplement , but for which there are no studies dealing with the effects on the human body , if the substance is vaporized. Also contain some of the preparations nicotine, which is primarily intended smoking cessation. However, do not underestimate that nicotine carries a high potential for dependence . An analysis of 16 different studies on the dangers of e-cigarettes has also shown that the vapor of an e-cigarette carcinogens are much less than in the vapour of a tobacco cigarette.

On the effects of passive smoking there is little tangible evidence . The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment said, that a health risk due to inaccurate data location can not be excluded . At the same time , the Institute ‘s recommendation was from but for safety’s sake , should be valid Non-smoking electric cigarettes in terms of protection, the same rules as for regular cigarettes. A study from 2012 concluded that the passive vapour has only a small influence on the air. Nicotine also could not be detected in the air here . Also on evaporation no toxic and carcinogenic substances , as in the combustion of a cigarette. With reference to the study and other figures , the researchers concluded that it may be unhealthy to breathe the air of a big city , as to be located with an electronic cigarette australia smokers in a room.

Is the ecig working?

The electric cigarette as we know it today was invented in 2003 in China and already some years later exported all over the world . In an e-cigarette is a liquid, the so-called liquid evaporates and the vapour then inhaled. In contrast to the conventional cigarette but no combustion takes place in an e-cigarette , in a variety of toxic substances formed.

There are two basic modes of operation , where e- cigarettes can be based . In the first so-called e -liquids or liquids are evaporated. In the second method tobacco is heated and evaporated. However, the latter method has never been able to really enforce and has now all but disappeared from the market.

Most of the available electronic cigarettes are based on the evaporation principle. The technique is basically about the same as in fog machines that are used in discos or concerts . In cigarettes is a small tank in which the liquid is . By a thin wick is usually made ​​of metal or glass fibre , the liquid passes from the tank to a small heating element , where the mixture is finally evaporated. From the tank , the liquid passes through the heating coil due to the capillary action. Depending on the model, the heating element must either be activated by pushing a button or it will be automatically activated by pulling on the cigarette. While the battery capacity at the first models to be desired was possible to keep the batteries of modern e – cigarette with normal use about one to four days.

How is the e-liquid made ?

The liquid which is called liquid is evaporated . The main components of this are liquids, glycerol , flavourings and water. Mainly acts as a carrier, which is also used in food production and there is authorized as an additive E1520 . It is used, among other things, in the production of chewing gum. Liquid is available in different strengths and flavours. Smoking cessation , the mixture is also because the vapour is very similar to ordinary tobacco smoke in consistency and its sensory effect .

e-ciggies the alternative for me

For the Protection of Non-smoking , there is a general ban on smoking in more places . Especially at events and celebrations but this often leads to a splitting of the guests. The one stand out and the others sit inside …

That’s not nice for a celebration, and that must not be.

For this reason we have decided to offer electronic cigarettes and accessories the company e-cig in our shop.

E-ciggies a wholesaler and sells its products under its own label .

Enjoy smoking – avoid the risks

An electronic cigarette produces no smoke in the traditional sense , because E-cigs burn any tobacco products . Instead, it produces with each train a flavoured vapour that looks like cigarette smoke that tastes like tobacco smoke and can be inhaled like cigarette smoke .

The steam is produced : In the evaporator with a mouthpiece is a flavoured liquid. This aroma liquid comes into contact with the evaporator unit . If you pull on the as on a conventional cigarette, a micro-switch is activated and releases electrical energy.

With each train at the a tiny amount of flavouring liquid is heated with this stream . The heat turns the flavoured liquid into vapour. This steam expands within the heating chamber from leaking under pressure and is thereby mixed with fresh air.

The heated steam and then hits the colder ambient air cools and condenses immediately flashed to billions of microscopic fog droplets. By the light that falls on it and breaks in them , they look like tiny droplets like smoke.

In a no toxic compounds are produced. The steam from is completely free of tar ! It protects not only your own health but also that of other people around you .

So no nuisance caused by smoke or cold smoke !

Save money – and “smoke” you continue

They continue to enjoy the benefits of smoking (such as the intake of nicotine ) – without the associated disadvantages of direct damage to your health and that of your fellow man.

Also save you money compared to conventional smoking: A smoker with the consumption of one pack a day can save about 1,000 euros per year!

How does e-smoking work?

The electronic cigarette does not burn tobacco, but the aromatic liquid (e-liquid australia) evaporates from the tank.

The main components of our electronic cigarettes:

The battery and the evaporator. About the evaporator, the liquid is fed to the evaporator chamber .

In the evaporator , which is connected to the battery , there is a small heating coil .

If you pull the mouthpiece of e-cig , this heating coil turns on automatically. (E-cigs Slim ,  e-cigarette eGo-t starter kit ) .

When batteries are not automatically switched to the battery before the “pulling” by the manual operation of a switch, a small pressure . ( Furious Classic Clear Classic E-cigs)

By the resulting heat in the evaporator, the liquid present in the evaporator chamber begins to evaporate . This vapour is inhaled , as with a “real” cigarette through the mouthpiece .

A microprocessor that reacts draw on the electronic cigarette through that activates the evaporator and this atomizes the liquid and converts it to a vapour, which is ultimately ” smoked ” . ( applies only to the E-cigs Slim , E-cigs2Go so eGo-T 510).

In models eGo-t (Classic, Classic Clear , etc.) must be stated as a key to be pressed.

Here the somewhat technically detailed explanation :

In one technique, referred to as steaming or the electrical cigarettes australia is generated during the suction of the spray nozzle by means of a small piezoelectric element . This mini piezoelectric element is driven by an electronic unit and vibrates so powerful that it , the liquid which flows through the capillary forces from the container is atomized . The operation is similar to a humidifier . The battery pack is an air – flow sensor , which reacts as a pressure switch, just as long as energy – a few – taken as the negative pressure of the air flow stops. As a result, the service life is long ensured comparatively a whole pack of cigarettes .

The tank contains so-called as a carrier propylene glycol, nicotine, and the flavouring agents are added in different concentrations. This aerosol generating the pharmacological and sensory feel of smoking, because the same time the air flow , the aerosol is mixed , it is slightly warmed . Comprised of the mouthpiece and located behind the removable liquid container depot ( tank) depending on model includes as much nicotine and flavourings, as are contained in up to about 20 cigarettes . The storage battery for operating the electric cigarette can be charged with an external charger . The peso element does not wear with proper treatment .